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Recommended Businesses

 Please take a moment to check out some of our awesome business recommendations and their services. Contact us to be added to our site.


 Fitness & Wellness:

"This unique hybrid is a fun and educational process to properly prepare as you jump into the exciting world of boxing. Our coaches create the ultimate workout experience. This challenging system is exclusive to TNT and our progressive approach is great for those new to boxing and even fitness in general as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts looking for something new to add to their workout program. Our classes fit into the busy student or professional’s schedule."  



                                                                    "We help families take control of their health and their lives. We serve you so you can live your dreams. Seriously. It’s simple really, by allowing your body to function normally through Chiropractic care and our other amazing services, we unleash the power of your nervous system, which controls every single thing that happens in your body. We don’t help you much by just masking symptoms. Instead, we believe in correcting the problem and we love watching those symptoms disappear."  



                                                                    "There is something for everyone at Towne Fitness. Age, fitness level or ability will not stand in the way of achieving your health goals. Our gym is clean, accessible and current. Our trainers are friendly and knowledgeable."



                                                           "At Kimurawear® we believe that being an athlete means to exhibit many different positive qualities, that can be attributed to different areas of your life. Being an athlete means that you exhibit confidence, focus, strength, and you participate in a healthy, active lifestyle at a competitive, club, recreational or personal level. When you see Kimurawear® we want to inspire you to choose positivity, strength, focus and the push to achieve your goals. Being an athlete has no age limit, so whether you're 5 years old, 20 or 85, we want to hear why you're an athlete, and why you push yourself to be the best that you can be.  #IamAnAthlete"



"Family owned and operated, Great Lakes Water Solutions has become known for our particular brand of excellence and integrity in serving the water treatment needs of Simcoe County and beyond. With nearly 30 years in the industry, fair pricing and friendly, expert staff, we offer sales and service on all makes and models of water treatment equipment for your home or business. Great Lakes Water Solutions is your local, recognized expert in water treatment and we look forward to hearing from YOU"



"Based on twenty three years of experience as a holistic practitioner and a natural talent for creating harmony in the minds, bodies and spirits of her clients, Kelly Mayville provides a “healing hand” like no other. Using a variety of techniques, she achieves the type of results that leave clients astounded and keep her business thriving. Kelly offers a variety of holistic approaches to healing including aromatherapy products, massage, bach flower, ear candling, Chinese cupping, Reiki, Kundalini & Yin yoga."



"A country escape - just outside the city.
As a first-generation lavender farm in the heart of the Headwaters, our family feels grateful to host you and your loved ones as you connect with nature.Come see our beautiful Celtic Stone Circle, our fully restored 1891 Heritage Barn store, our re-wilded river meadow running along the banks of the Nottawasaga North Branch, our flowing lavender fields, our on-farm distillation and products workshops, our honey apiary, our flock of free range Lavender Orpington hens, and our Thoroughbred retired racehorse KitKat and her pony companions Spirit + Captain Crunch plus Logan, a sweet senior Hanoverian."



Healthy Eating:

"4th Line Cattle Co. is a family owned and operated farm located in the scenic rolling hills of Hillsburgh, Ontario. We pride ourselves in providing quality, great tasting pasture raised beef that you and your family will all love to gather around the dinner table and enjoy! We genuinely love what we do and most of all we are delighted to bring you the best Grass Fed / Pasture Raised meat experience you will ever have. We are excited to share in the sustainable future by providing you with local food that comes directly from OUR farm to your plate. Our land, we manage naturally, with movement of the cattle from one pasture of lush green grass to the next, thereby giving the land a chance to restore, rejuvenate and reproduce."
"At Landman Gardens and Bakery all of our animals are raised on pasture, meaning they have access to fresh grass all day long. We believe in allowing the animals to display their natural habits. For example sheep and goats are extremely good at eating pasture. Therefore we pasture them in the summer months. Pigs are extremely good at tilling up the soil, so we use them to till up crops that are finished in the vegetable garden. Chicken and turkeys are very good for parasite control. They move through the pastures after the goats. Eating any bugs that have hatched. Our animals are shipped less than an hour to our local abattoirs. All of our animals are raised without the use of hormone, antibiotics, GMO-free and pasture raised."
"We are a biodynamic farm that is committed to caring for the earth and maintaining the integrity of our land for future generations.  We do not use any synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. We are seeking to connect with conscientious consumers looking to help develop strong local economies and who recognize that healthy soils nourish healthy communities. We grow for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership program as well as the Orangeville and Toronto Brickworks Farmers’ Markets."
"Ontario Honey Creations is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing seasonal terroir honey and artisan honey vinegars. Our honey bee yards are located within the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario's Green Belt. Our honey is harvested by season and location, highlighting the unique taste of each location. All of our honey is raw and unpasteurized. Raw unpasteurized honey has naturally occurring beneficial enzymes and local pollens. A proceed from each sale helps support our work as Toronto Bee Rescue. Toronto Bee Rescue provides free honeybee swarm removal services in the Greater Toronto Area and humane honeybee hive removals."

"We’re a small farm in Belwood ON, dedicated to reconnecting people with food.

Our philosophy is simple: healthy soils grow nutritious vegetables. We use organic farming practices that work with nature rather than against it, to promote diverse and abundant soil life to feed our plants. By caring for our soil we can grow food without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides."


Since we all have our food weaknesses...these amazing businesses can satisfy your cravings (in moderation of course) yet still use all natural and local ingredients!


"The Happy Hen offers old fashioned baking, just like Nanny used to make. Using high quality and local (when possible) ingredients, we bring back the simple things in life."
"GoodLot Brewing is a natural extension of our organic farm. We embrace a holistic approach to agriculture to produce quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. Our beer, inspired by Mother Nature’s bountiful canvas, embodies our values to protect our water, promote soil health and biodiversity, and whole-heartedly support our community every step of the way."