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We are very excited to be offering private, semi-private and group yoga classes! Classes can be taught out of your own home, business, online through Zoom or at another mutually convenient location. Please contact us for further information or to schedule a class.


Our Yoga classes are "Trauma Sensitive". Teaching the various Yoga poses are always simply offerings; you are in control of your own body. We encourage yogis to feel free to rest when needed, to drink when thirsty and to modify, take or skip poses, as needed. The time spent on your mat is YOUR time, it is YOUR practice!! We will always ask for consent prior to any hands on adjustments or therapeutic touch. Yoga should be open to everyone at every ability.


You don't have to be flexible to start yoga. In fact, if you lack flexibility that is when you NEED yoga! Adding it to your regular fitness routine gives your body a chance to stretch out the muscles that might be tight from training. Likewise, yoga offers both strengthening and stretching. You are never too old, too young or too macho to try it.


What you need to bring: Yoga mat, water, comfortable clothing, towel, any props you may have that you would like to use, an open mind and a sense of humour!! Remember that we all lose our balance from time to time.